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Thursday Surf Report 3/23/17

Good morning SurfSmooth surfers, I have gotten surf reports this morning from three of the SurfSmooth surf reporters. First Clemson Johnny reported that on the Western end of Pensacola Beach that the surf is in the knee high range with light side shore winds. He said that he was heading out on his SUP, and that if you found the right sandbar it could be fun. Then our Eastern end surf reporter Ben Brooks is reporting that the surf in Navarre beach is currently shin high waves, and is forecasted to build to waist high by this afternoon. And our last surf reporter Charlie Green reporting from Pensacola Beach pier says that there are shin to knee high waves with poor form, but it’s been  flat for a week, and you can tell the surf is on the way.  It will be building throughout the day, and maybe becoming longboardable by this afternoon (2-4). The winds will be ESE all day about 20 mph. With more of the same tomorrow and Saturday with the surf building into the waist to rib high range. We should have rideable surf for a few days. Sunday in particular looks very favorable for improved conditions with reduction of winds. It’s current 68F, the tide is out, and the water kinda looks like a bowl of miso soup. Also it’s spring break, and traffic is congested out here. So keep that in mind if you’re coming out to the beach to surf! It’s all surf, so let’s get wet and have some fun exercises. 

By | Thursday, March 23rd, 2017|

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Monday Surf Report 3/20/17

It’s the first day of spring!! Sadly, you won’t be surfing today, it’s flat. But, were still on track for surf this weekend, we will see it begin to build to small knee high sets on Thursday, and it should be at least thigh high or bigger on Friday. The Blue Angels come home today, keep an eye out!! Have a great day!

By | Monday, March 20th, 2017|

Saturday Surf Report 3/18/17

Not much surf to report today. A few ‘quacks’ are out here at the pier trying to ride in the some ankle to shin high waves. Good news! It seems Florida has decided to participate in spring! It’s a beautiful day out here, sunny and calm with a high of 70. Break out the paddleboard! More good news: Surf is on the way!! It will be mostly flat this week but we should have a little thigh/waist high action next weekend. So get your boards ready. Today’s surf report courtesy of Charlie Green. 

By | Saturday, March 18th, 2017|

Friday Surf Report 3/17/17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, it is CALM (FLAT) but BEAUTIFUL out here. It’s going to be a beautiful day out here on Pensacola Beach to go for an early morning flat water paddle in the gulf or take a long bike ride down the beach. The air temperatures are going to start warming up, and today’s temperature should get close to 70 degrees, the winds are supposed to be light from the ENE because of the High Pressure system sitting right on top of us. It’s not looking good for surf any time soon though. It looks like our next chance for waves might be till this time next week. It’s spring break for some, and we’ll have lots of visitors showing up to our beautiful white beaches, so let’s give them a warm welcome, and show them how to be responsible visitors by cleaning up after themselves when they come to party on our sandy white shores. PLEASE PICK UP YOUR TRASH that YOU BRING with YOU! Please dispose of it properly. Thank you and have a blessed day. 

By | Friday, March 17th, 2017|
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